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 The Journey:


Friday, July 12th

Arrive at Bell Valley Retreat in the afternoon, get settled and walk the land -- dotted with oak and madrone -- before we gather for tea and introductions in the yurt. On this day we'll tell the story of the Witch for the first time and begin to tease apart the many layers of this archetype-- ancient wise woman, modern day Tumblr meme, feminist icon, accusation, slur, fairytale, costume. In the evening, after dinner, we'll have our first ritual and open the portal of our work together in a sacred, connected, gentle way.

 We journey through three gateways of intimacy back home to ourselves.

In our time you will experience:

  • Opening the channels to creativity

  • Explore your sovereignty

  • Dance and movement

  • Eat delicious food gathered with consideration and cooked with love.

  • Hike the land

  • Rest in the hot tub under the stars

  • Explore your mythic imagination

  • Develop your wisdom, threshold, and teaching stories

During this workshop we will enjoy:

  • Delicious, organic, farm-to-table meals.

  • Yoga, movement, and song.

  • Inspiring, guided evening rituals.

  • Land-based medicine making, herbcraft and plant lore.

  • Sacred time to integrate & replenish in nature, surrounded by the quiet coziness of the valley.

  • Deep sleep and potent dreaming in starlit-silence, without screens, email, and the daily buzz of city life.

  • Sweet, intimate sistering and togethering in collaboration, and mischief.

Wednesday, July 17th

After a cozy breakfast and heartfelt morning ritual, we'll gather our selves, our belongings, our new visions and intentions, unwind from the sacred container we have created, and plan on leaving the land around noon


Embodied Wisdom

Somatic movement is a place to express your bodies’ inherent intelligence, creative and intuitive genius, and sensuous wisdom.